About Gazeta do Povo

Gazeta do Povo is a traditional newspaper from southern Brazil which celebrated its 102nd anniversary in February 2021, and has been standing out due to its pioneering investments in the digital media. In 2017, Gazeta became the first mainstream daily newspaper in the country to become 100% digital.

The choice to go digital came about during the natural path followed by the newspaper in order to accomplish another goal: becoming a source of information for Brazilians in any part of the country. And more than that, to be a source with clear values that resonate with most of our society.

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Our convictions

The defense of life from conception

An unborn child is the most defenseless and innocent of human beings, and for this reason, it needs a more emphatic protection because it is incapable of enforcing its rights by itself

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Ethics and the pursuit of excellence

Ethics are the answer to the question “what should I be?” And the answer is simple, but profound: the individual has a calling to be the best he can be.

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The value of family

There is an environment where each one is loved for what they are, independently of their utility or their attributes. This environment is the family

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The principle of subsidiarity: less state and more citizen

Subsidiarity empowers people and communities, removing the notion that the citizen is a passive being waiting for the blessings granted by the state

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The value of democracy

Democracy is a unique form of government that permits its citizens to develop their potencial to the maximum.

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